Prof. Dr. Raymond Ooi

Professor, Quantum & Laser Science, University of Malaya Department of Physics, Faculty of Science University of Malaya

Solar geoengineering has global-scale impact. Human beings, one out of millions of species, have NO right to do this.
The technology would be tampering with the delicate balance of the ecosystem optically, chemically and thermally. It would alter the electromagnetic spectrum and will affect the survival and well-being of many interconnected living species of floras and faunas that are more delicate and sensitive to disturbances – this is what they cannot study.

Humans have acquired tools & technology from science, possess intellect, and have been manipulating many things adversely affecting Nature from what they imagine in their little minds. They think that by knowing from the atoms to the cosmos, they know everything that they do. Actually they don\’t. They are risking all lives in mother Nature through their reckless actions from limited knowledge and thoughts.