assoc. prof. Paul Glantz

Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Science, Stockholm University

Due to the climate crisise, all focus should be on strong and immediately reductions of anthropogenic greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, real action, while all kind of solar geoenginering give a false belief on how to handle the climate crises. Man-made CO2 affect the climate for hundreds of years, and in this case, sea spray aerosol\’s life time is about one week. About 70% of Earth is covered by oceans, which means a huge impossible area to play with. When also considering the tremandous frequency of the injection of the particles, the current geoenginering is a doomed project. Suddenly, this currecnt geoenginering could be be stopped, for many relevant reasons, and then we will have the most rapid unmasking efffect of aerosols on greenhouse warming that the planet ever has experienced. Reduction of sunlight will also effect the ecosystems in the oceans. We know also that the strongest warming is occuring over land, 1.6 degree celcius on average compared to 0.9 over the oceans (AR6), and drying out the land surface, among other negative effects, is very serious for agricultur and to to produce foods. These scientists should instead work with the third task, to inform the soceity about the climate crises and then the need for rapid reductions in the emissions.